Social Media Blitz

Wow, I love Canva. I don’t know if I have ever found anything so user-friendly and professional. Using it, I was able to create several different types of social media graphics for my internship at Trifecta Communications. I am a PR intern there and one of the clients I have been working for is Seafood Nutrition Partnership. They are currently running a campaign to encourage people to eat seafood at least twice a week. One can agree to participate in this challenge by taking a pledge found on SNP’s website.

I hope I can at least get my inspirational post and Instagram graphic posted on SNP’s social media but all around this was a good experience. I am glad to have learned this skill and know it is something I will be able to easily use in future places of work.

Social media posts:
Facebook inspiration
  Healthy Heart Insta

Twitter cover photo:
Ocean Twitter cover

Facebook cover photo:
SNP Facebook cover photo

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